23 February 2010

VoIP - What's it all about?

What is VoIP?

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, technology enables telephone calls to be made using a broadband connection instead of an analogue phone line. There are presently a large range of VoIP service providers that offer various packages and tariffs (most are free) that include one local phone number (where applicable) or a 0845 or 0870 number depending on individual business requirements. As part of the free package and phone number deals currently on offer, the necessary software to install the VoIP system is also provided by most VoIP providers at no additional charge. Once the software has been configured it is then possible to make and receive telephone calls through a dedicated PC with a broadband connection with the use of a microphone or a normal telephone (which will need a VoIP adaptor that are readily available or a VoIP phone which has the adaptor already built in).

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