20 January 2016

Magento Admin Interface Buttons

We recently had one of our clients ring up telling us one of the buttons in their admin interface had gone missing. As we had just added a couple of plugins (after testing on a development site of course) there were all sorts of mutterings around plugin authors and their programming practices, however, it turns out not to be a plugin issue after all, but rather a core Magento issue.

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12 November 2015

Magento, Events and who determines what's possible

We were recently working with one of our clients who are launching a brand new US ecommerce site to complement their UK based one. They had a number of requirements based around customer usability, which at first glance looked fairly simple to achieve, if that were the case though I wouldn't be writing this.

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05 October 2015

The need for speed

Whilst updating some core code for our CMS (Osiris) recently I came across an interesting tidbit that I thought was worth sharing here. After updating some code and cleaning up and migrating it to the new Factory/Object interface a particular part of the admin interface slowed down incredibly. Now given that a lot of the updates were supposed to speed up the CMS this was worrying, all is well now and the answer was discovered, however I thought that sharing some more detail was required.

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