The importance of having a well-managed social media strategy and good design for your on-line shop

Published: 09 September 2016

By Seran Bond, Creative Director, IceStar Media Ltd.

A few months ago we took over the social media management for a new client, Personalised Cardboard Cutouts who sell pretty much what it says on the tin, fun and life-size cardboard cutouts for all occasions created from photos and images that their customers send to them.

Well managed social media plan

We also reviewed the current website at and formulated a plan to re-develop the existing site in a mobile friendly (responsive) template with improved features to make the ordering process for customers as easy to use as possible and enhance the overall customer experience of the site with a re-branded logo and an attention grabbing, vibrant website theme showcasing the various products that they have on offer, including wall art and photo prints.

The new website is currently under development and will be launching soon but I wanted to spend a little time highlighting how a few improvements to the website as well as a well-managed social media strategy have sent profits rocketing over the summer. When we first reviewed the website and discussed the nature of the business with the director of Personalised Cardboard Cutouts, it became apparent that customers had to manually send a separate email with their photo attached after they had placed their order and this was not only time intensive for the customer but for the order processing side of things too with emails being sent backwards and forwards to complete each transaction. Soon afterwards an image uploader plug-in was integrated into the ordering process so customers could upload their photos/images at the time they placed their order. This was put in place as an interim improvement until the new website is launched.

I also spent time researching the industry and speaking to the company Director of Personalised Cardboard Cutouts to really understand her business and put it at the very core of the social media strategy to drive more traffic into the site.

Since June 2016 when we took over the management of the current site (while we re-develop the next generation version of the site) as well as the different social media channels including FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram (this involved reviewing and optimising content and individual profiles) the sales figures clearly speak for themselves in terms of results:

Sales graph

So what does all this mean? Well, clearly social media can have a significant impact on attracting business and converting them into sales if it is managed properly with timely, relevant and targeted posts, and further proves that social media for business is well worth the time and investment as part of traditional on-and off-line marketing communications.

Today on-line transactions made using a mobile device makeup approximately half of the UK’s total ecommerce sales so it re-enforces the importance of good design to make your customers experience of your website as streamlined and intuitive as possible to keep them coming back.

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